About Weave Films
About Weave Films
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Create. Provoke. Inspire.

Weave Films aims to create content that provokes and inspires. Our keen observation of the world and our dedication to the craft of film ensures an artistic and imaginative approach to the stories we choose to tell.

Question. Uncover. Observe.

Weave Films strives to find answers to the "big questions" and issues. We uncover compelling yarns and explore cutting-edge issues. We seek to showcase inspiring and colourful characters. 

Write. Research. Report.

Weave Films is dedicated to telling stories. We offer strength in research and development, fact checking and reporting, as well as writing and delivery to deadline.

Our Staff

Emma Masters

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Emma Masters is a journalist turned filmmaker with more than 20 years experience in media and communications in Australia and overseas. Her dedication and commitment to story telling is evident in the body of work she has produced as a filmmaker and journalist in the Northern Territory, a television program producer and presenter in Southeast Asia and a multimedia producer, writer and teacher in Adelaide.

Emma makes her own films but also enjoys collaborating with other filmmakers on their projects. She was the national recipient of the 2015 Australian International Documentary Conference Access producers program, where she participated in a series of workshops and was awarded an internship with global television production giant Endemol. Emma was also a recipient of a Screen Territory / Screen Australia Realistor pitch award and received a mentorship and funding to develop two documentaries with Australian Executive Producer Alison Black.

Emma is a respected journalist and freelances when time permits. She produces short videos for BBC Online, recently worked as Cross Media Reporter for ABC and she has also filed live reports for Seven Sunrise. Previous to her work in film Emma was a fulltime television and radio reporter for ABC News in Darwin.

Emma also works in media and international development across the Asia Pacific region. She has been a journalist, producer and presenter for Vietnam Television and Vietnam News Agency. Her experience in international development includes working with the United Nations on sports education in Indonesia, the CSIRO to deliver science training for journalists in East Timor, and an AusAID-funded posting with a Vietnamese NGO focused on coastal communities in Vietnam.