Title: Emma Masters - Showreel | Posted on 2013 04 02 in Production


Spirits in the Stone

The discovery of hundreds of Aboriginal paintings at a cave in northern Australia sparks a journey that connects one woman to an ancestral home she never knew and reveals ancient secrets that change world history.

Format: 84 min (cinematic release) and 3 x 30 min (television)
Stage: Post-production
Shooting format: RedCam, 16mm, Canon 5D
Language: English, French, Kriol
Producers: Emma Masters & Adrian Buitenhuis
Directors: Emma Masters & Adrian Buitenhuis
Writers: Emma Masters & Adrian Buitenhuis
Director of Photography: Chayse Irvin
First AC: Peter Carty
Sound: Terry Meehan

Fishing the Wild

Two mates roll up their swags, pack their fishing rods and hop in a small tinny to set out to explore the remote regions of East Arnhem Land, embarking on a journey of fishing, adventure and kinship.
Weave Films has joined forces with Run for the Hills Productions and Fishing the Wild to bring to the screen a unique documentary television series that combines exciting fishing and spectacular scenery and pays respect to the oldest continuous culture in the world.
For more information, visit the website:

Format: 5 x 60 min
Stage: Post-production
Language: English
Producers: Morgan Hartney, Emma Masters & Hamish Simpson
Associate Producer: Patrick Hastwell & Michelle Crowther
Director: Morgan Hartney
Writer: Morgan Hartney & Emma Masters
Director of Photography: Michael Fletcher & Darren McCagh
Series Coordinator: Emma Masters

Devolution (Working Title)

An exploration of contemporary art in the Northern Territory and how two artists – one established and the other emerging – survive in one of the remotest capital cities on the planet.

Duration: 30 min
Stage: Development
Shooting format: Canon 5D, Sony FS100
Language: English
Producers: Emma Masters, Morgan Hartney & Patrick Hastwell
Director: Emma Masters
Creative Director: Aaron Burton
Director of Photography: Aaron Burton
Writers: Emma Masters & Morgan Hartney
Editor: Aaron Burton

News and Current Affairs

Weave Films' Emma Masters works as a freelance journalist, specialising in television and radio news and current affairs. She has reported on national and local politics and specialises in Indigenous Affairs, Environment and the Arts. Emma regularly contributes to the ABC and Seven Sunrise news teams. She has worked overseas as a journalist, producer and editor for Vietnam Television and Vietnam Newsagency.


Sports for Development

A 3-month project to develop a series of instructional films and accompanying booklet and an advocacy kit for an international sports program aimed at improving physical education for children in Indonesia. 

"Gearing Up" Videos
Release date: January 2014
Duration: 2-5 minutes each
Language: English / Indonesian
Producer: Emma Masters
Directors: Emma Masters
Director of Photography: Imam Sewoko (Matahati Productions)
Photographer: Ed Wray (Matahati Productions)
Writers: Emma Masters
Editor: Emma Masters, Franco Pistillo

Telling your story

A short film about the justice system in the Northern Territory and the Witness Assistance Service provided to victims of crime.

Release date: October 2013
Duration: 10 minutes
Language: English
Producer: Andrew Hyde
Directors: Andrew Hyde & Emma Masters
Director of Photography: Andrew Hyde
Writers: Emma Masters
Editor: Kylie Hyde

Wild Australia with Ray Mears

A series made for ITV and shot in the Northern Territory and Tasmania with well-known UK adventurer and bush survival specialist Ray Mears.

Weave Films has supported Burning Bright Productions to trackdown saltwater crocodiles, cane toads and other species in the Territory.