Desert dwellers

Desert dwellers

What a thrill and delight to be shooting in the desert at one of the most beautiful times of the year.

The red hills with golden grass and the bush scrub below sets a stunning canvas for the story of the growing number of women who are travelling solo around Australia.

The women have been exceptionally generous - from the merry band of volunteers through to some of the "rollers" we've met during the shoot.

It's been amazxing to hear so many stories - but one thing that shines through - freedom.

It's also been so wonderful to work in an all-female crew.

We worked from dusk till dawn. We collaborated. We laughed. We were moved. We ate and lived together in one room. The entire time, we worked together like we'd been friends forever. It's been such an enlightening experience to share the journey with two truly top shelf creatives.

Massive thanks to Bridget May for all her support as well and for opening her home to me during pre-production.

We couldn't have done this without you!