Title: Thanks Rupert Murdoch, but Australians can choose their own government. | Posted on 2013 09 02 in Blog

Get up

Election Time. It's hard to ignore, particularly if you're a semi-reformed news junkie.

Weave Films has been observing a number of aspects to this year's election that are simply too difficult and too delightful to ignore. Rest assured, we're going to refrain from giving opinions about the campaigns or their coverage, just a couple of observations.

Firstly, plain and simply, Weave Films has been loving the difference social media has been making in this Federal Election campaign.
Have you seen the Facebook page ABCNews23. To those cats, everything is up for attack. 

We've also keenly observed the discussions around Murdoch Press and its reporting. As staunch and committed supporters of the ABC, we believe in fair and accurate, NO BIASED independent reporting and have been loving their coverage on the news, current affairs, Q and A, Gruen Nation and The Hamster Wheel. We also have many friends that work for the Murdoch press and know that they too believe in fair and accurate reporting. It's more complicated that people think. 

Either way - we're loving this simple ad "Thanks Rupert, But Australians can choose their own government" by the independent lobby group Get Up, a group that takes keen interest in community affairs and takes action. Commercial broadcasters may not allow it to go to air, but it's been getting some good rounds on email and other forum.

In all of this, whether its the moans and groans over the baby kissing and handshaking, the pork-barrelling and the spin, there is something we always celebrate at this time. The right to choose. Yes, the system is not perfect, but it's the best we have and boy we Australians are lucky.