Title: "I Am Heath Ledger" Official Documentary Trailer | Posted on 2017 04 23 in Blog

I am Heath Ledger

He's known for his talent as one of Australia's great actors, but did you know Heath Ledger was also a director?

t's a little-known fact Heath Ledger was a prolific documenter and always had a camera in his hand.

I am Heath Ledger is a new documentary premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23 and being released in Australian cinemas soon after.

The filmmakers have been given exclusive access to Heaths private collection of tapes he made throughout his career, offering incredible insight into his work as an artistic being, as a man who was passionate about seeing and showing the world through moving pictures.

Weave Films is excited about this new documentary and what will reveal about Ledger's creative force. We're also excited for our friend and collaborator Adrian Buitenhuis, who directed the documentary.

Adrian and Emma met in Vietnam and collaborated with fashion designer Victoria Roe on a photo shoot and multimedia exhibition in Hanoi in 2007. In 2010, the two began working on a documentary on the discovery of a rock art site in Arnhem Land and have resumed working togeher on the documentary for release in 2019.

Congratulations Adrian - we're so thrilled for you and hope the premiere in New York gets a resounding reception!