Mentors make a difference

Mentors make a difference

As my mentorship through the Natalie Miller Fellowship comes to an end, I thought it timely to reflect on what I've learned and to thank the fellowship for offering an important program that has given so many women the opportunity to connect with likeminded people and to expand our knowledge and networks in the screen industry.

The Natalie Miller Fellowship was set up to provide support for the development and leadship of women in the screen industry. It does this through programs and an annual fellowship. It's run by a group of hardworking, passionate people who care about the industry and its creatives across Australia.

This year NMF ran a Brilliant Careers leadership program. Funded through Screen Australia's Gender Matters initiative, the program brought filmmakers from all over Australia to a one day conference and then in a second stage offered mentorships to about 50 women.

I was lucky to be selected for both stages and was awarded a series of one on one sessions with an impressive producer and leader in the digital space - Komixx's Amanda Morrison.

The fellowship paired me with Amanda because of my passion and interest in multiplatform storytelling. I've been revisiting my multimedia production background and diving back into this arena through a documentary project and my comedy web series News Junkies - so having Amanda as a mentor has been a perfectly-timed pairing.

Through our discussions Amanda has offered invaluable insight into her own work and career progression in this space. She has also shared resources and big picture ideas on the future of digital production and global platforms. Digital disruption is the buzzword in our industry and as someone who has always been excited by the new world of online, access to production tools and making content for different platforms, it's thrilling to connect with people like Amanda who are ahead of the curve and looking at the space as one filled with exciting opportunities.

In addition to generously providing me with helpful advice on my own projects, Amanda also shared important ways of approaching production in the online space, from traditional models through to the Agile approach and I've been exploring new models and case studies in detail.

So thank you NMF for running a great program this year and to Screen Australia for supporting this important initiative. It's been one I've benefitted from in numerous ways and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities it has offered and the doorways it has opened.