Title: PROPAGANDA | FULL ENGLISH VERSION (2012) | Posted on 2013 07 18 in Blog


This film Propoganda is allegedly from North Korea - arguably one of the most hidden, restricted and misunderstood countries in the world.

The film's asserted origins are outlined on a YouTube page published by a person with the name "sabineprogram": "On a trip to visit family in Seoul in April, I was approached by a man and a woman who claimed to be North Korean defectors. They presented me with a DVD that recently came into their possession and asked me to translate it. They also asked me to post the completed film on the Internet so that it could reach a worldwide audience. I believed what I was told and an agreement was made to protect their identities (and mine)."

If this is not a hoax, it's a fascinating insight into the psyche of the North Korean government. It's also interesting to note the many different points which speak the naked truth and others that smack of misinformation in the film, which in itself was produced as propoganda for the consumption of North Koreans. What a steaming quagmire of irony.