Title: The Story of Stuff | Posted on 2013 06 25 in Blog

The story of stuff

What began as an interest in bamboo clothing and a mistaken belief it was more environmentally-friendly than cotton has inadvertently lead to a journey into social and environmental corporate responsibility.

I've supported fair trade and locally-made products since I was a teenager, but this journey is delving deeper and it has reinvigorated my interest in companies that care. But firstly, credit where credit is due. This journey has been instigated by my dear friend, who recently travelled with me through Vietnam and followed up on my interest in bamboo fabrics. His investigations into the manufacturing process, which tore a little piece of my heart when he discovered it was quite unenvironmental, lead him to discover the company Patagonia, a group that prides itself on corporate responsibility. In fact, Patagonia dedicates time and energy to living by its creed - check out the specific section on its website and you'll understand what I mean. 

Exploring the various projectd and campaigns on Patagonia's site then lead to a short film called the "Story of Stuff". This little film clearly encapsulates what so many other like-minded individuals have been saying for a long time. How refreshing! There we were, stretched out in our simple island bungalow on the beach, watching this film with close intent, opening our minds to new possibilities and to engaging with companies and products that care about more than the bottom line. 

Bless, Emma