Title: DAVE is coming (Official TV Show Trailer) | Posted on 2020 06 05 in Blog


Foxtel's streaming video platform Binge has just launched in Australia - and it didn't take long for me to sign up. 

In fact, it took no time at all - after all, Foxtel won the rights to HBO content in Australia and given the fact I'm constantly buying HBO series to keep up with their premium productions, why not enjoy access to these and to all of Foxtel's great shows as well!

No brainer really.

So, given the fact I've already downloaded a heap of series - I was looking for someting a little different.

I squealled a little when I found this quirky series Dave ... all about a Jewish, white guy trying to make it as a rapper in the US - Lil Dicky.

Little did I know that it actually was semi-autobiographical about the rapper/comedian who co-produced the show with and comedian Kevin Hart.

He's awkward, refreshingly honest and self-reflexive - and he's actually not too bad at spitting a rhyme either, which is definitely the reason why he made it big online before getting his own show.

An entertaining romp.