Title: Hamilton | Official Trailer | Disney+ | Posted on 2020 07 04 in Blog


I first became aware of Hamilton the musical not long after it first opened in New York in 2015. 

The musical about American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton was not only capturing the hearts of audiences and becoming the hottest ticket in town, it told a story I was learning about at the time.

I was working in Washington DC on my Animal Planet show with Earth Touch, and visiting museums, galleries and landmarks - it was incredible to think this man that helped establish the American constitution and treasury was shot dead in a duel.

What a story!

Fast forward to last year and my brother entertained my cousin Donna and I with some bobble-headed renditions on Spotify, and not long after I began listening to it religiously.

It was also the musical I'd listen to wake myself up and warm my voice in the early mornings as radio newsreader in the latter months of last year.

Then in February, I went with my brother and my sister-in-law to see Hamilton in London - WOW!

I loved every minute - and had to resist the urge of joining the cast in song.

And now, you can see it in your own living room on Disney plus with the original cast, including the man who wrote it and performs as Hamilton - Lin-Manuel Miranda.

I checked it out. Sang. Probs annoyed the neighbours, but I'm not throwing away my shot.

Watch it and may you always be satisfied.