Title: Uncle Vic | Old People's Home For 4 Year Olds | Posted on 2021 05 16 in News

Uncle Vic short film

He's a Northern Territory legend and they represent a new era of Australian Rules Football.

And both Vic Ludwig and the St Mary's Under-18 girls football team are part of a new short documentary being screened on ABC iView and released on ABC TV's YouTube channel.

The film "Uncle Vic" premiered alongside three other homegrown Territory shorts to a sold-out crowd at the Darwin International Film Festival on Saturday May 8.

Producer/Director Emma Masters says the short documentary is a story that focuses on intergenerational relationships.

"The film looks at the legacy of Vic Ludwig's leadership at St Mary's Football Club for 42 years, an incredible stint, and the club's ongoing support of its junior players," Emma said.

"There's a reason why the club has the mantra - from little saints, big saints grow.

"We followed the Under-18 girls team into the finals as they battled their way to try to win the premiership, and with that captured a very important part of AFL history - the very exciting, rapid growth of the women's league."

Uncle Vic is a collaboration between Weave Films and Moogie Down Productions - with both Emma Masters and Cian McCue taking on a number of roles on the film.

"Cian and I should be in the circus - we juggled a raft of roles across production and post production," Emma said.

"We share similar skills but our focused roles also play to our strengths.

"I shoot but Cian is a proper director of photography - and his shots in the film are indicative of his creative eye.

"Cian is a storyteller, and my real strength lies in bringing voices together, so we shared the editing and we did so in a way that's a marvellous testrament to our most excellent file management skills."

The film was made through $25,000 funding from Screen Territory and the Drwin International Film Festival under the Spark initiative.

The films feature a lot of great Territorians in front of the camera, and a lot of hard work from Territory independent filmmakers behind the camera.

The other films made include A Dancer for all Seasons (dir Penelope Paton), about choreographer Gary Lang, Poleng (dir Naina Sen), which focuses on Jocelyn Tribe as she unravels the complexities of her biracial identity and Desert Metal Dreaming (dir Nick (Pirate) Ned) about the loudest band in the desert and Auntie Kathleen Wallace.

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