Title: DUNDEE Official Trailer (2018) The Son Of A Legend Returns Home, Chris Hemsworth Comedy Movie HD | Posted on 2018 02 05 in News

Bring Dundee Back

Crocodile Dundee was a game changer for taking Australian stories to the world and remains the highest-grossing Australian film of all time.

A relatively small budget fish out of water comedy that showcased colourful characters and the Australian outback, which went gangbusters here and overseas.

Some genius in tourism (hope she gets a promotion and a pay rise) has come up with the idea of bringing the Dundee franchise back, in the form of his US-born son, and every Australian big name - The Hemsworths, Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe and the Territory's very own Jessica Mauboy - has jumped on board this exceptionally fun and cheeky campaign, rumoured to be part of the US Super Bowl super commercial line-up.

So with all this talk, it's got me thinking ... maybe it really is time to #BringDundeeBack. I mean, after all, we are in the age of the reboot.

Set a bunch of brilliant comedy writers onto the project, stage it back in its home of NT, add some star power and include a Paul Hogan cameo. Yep, it could just work.

The NT News is making a campaign of it - #bringdundeeback - and they called on Weave Films' Emma Masters to join in. We're on board lovers.

You can read more and sign the petition here