Title: Fire with Fire | Posted on 2015 12 12 in News

Fire with Fire

Weave Films is proud to release it's latest documentary Fire with Fire.

Fire with Fire explores a world-first project that sees Indigenous people in Arnhem Land use their ancient fire management knowledge to reduce damaging wildfires across northern Australia, thereby significantly reducing carbon emissions. It's truly one of the Northern Territory's great success stories. The social, cultural and environmental benefits are immense.

Through WALFA, Indigenous rangers have offset more than one million tonnes of C02e through strategic early dry-season burning. As well as reducing emissions, WALFA has provided over 200 indigenous jobs per year, conserved important vegetation, protected local wildlife and rock art sites and allowed traditional land management practices to be passed down to younger generations.

Using traditional knowledge and modern technology, the rangers have created a revolution in land management now being duplicated across Australia and the world.

The documentary was proudly supported by the ranger groups in Arnhem Land. It has been an honour to work with them to tell their story.

Commissioned by ConocoPhillips.