Lane Art Space
Posted on 2017 09 29 in News

Lane Art Space

A new exhibition space opening in Darwin tonight is set to redefine and energise a lane way in Darwin's city centre. 

Lane Art Space is a key lane way between NT House and TIO Center in Mitchell street and is part of the Northern Territory Government’s LIVE DARWIN ARTS program designed to revitalise the CBD.

It's the brainchild of local Barrister and Independent curator Koulla Roussos, who set up the space and has curated an innovative program that reflects Darwin’s dynamic identity and outdoor lifestyle.

“I have created the Lane Art Space to get our art and culture outside of the usual art gallery and into the street, to stimulate conversation and to get people out and about into our lane ways, to connect with and enjoy our quirky, laconic and irreverent Top End sense of humor,” said Ms Roussos.

“Darwin is a very dynamic place. I wanted to open up the city to contemporary art in a way that mirrored Darwin’s energy and spirit."

The opening exhibition features iconic works by Frank Gohier from his Red Hand print collection, and video art by seven local experimental video artists, including Weave Films' Emma Masters.

"I wanted to open the Lane Art Space with a tribute to his print work, as a way of acknowledging the important role he has played over the years in getting Darwin on the international art radar," Ms Roussos said.

"One of our most revered artists is Franck Gohier, whose laconic sense of humor has been shaping our contemporary culture for over 30 years.

"We have a tradition of accepting new people and new ideas. People come and go and leave with an imprint of Darwin forever stamped on their memory and heart.

“Darwin is also a home to so many artists who interpret and shape its constantly shifting identity."

When: 29 September 2017 5:30pm
Official opening to public: 5:45pm
VIP and media briefing from 4:30pm at the Deck Bar, 22 Mitchell Street