Overheard in the Newsroom
Posted on 2019 09 16 in News

Overheard in the Newsroom

A serendipitous alignment of schedules has allowed Weave Films' Emma Masters to return to her roots in journalism and work with ABC News in the Northern Terrtitory.

Ms Masters has accepted a three-month contract to work as the weekday radio news reader and sub-editor until the end of the year.

She says she welcomes the opportunity to work back in a fast-paced environment in a newsroom she knows well.

"It's been a few years since I have worked in the Darwin newsroom and I'm excited to return to such a dyanmic place with a great team," Ms Masters said.

"I'm a passionate filmmaker but I also love journalism - working in broadcast hones and sharpens my storytelling skills, and it constantly pushes you to deliver to tight deadlines.

"Whatsmore, in the screen industry my daily life generally consists of working quieltly alone, except on a shoot.

"It's the complete opposite to a newsroom, which is bustling with journalists, producers, camera operators and production staff - so I welcome the change."

Ms Masters said that while she expects to be busy on shift, she looks forward to reclaiming her weekends, after a hectic schedule of productions and impact producing.

"As a freelancer running a boutique production company you are always juggling a lot - and this dry season has been incredibly busy - there hasn't been a lot of downtime," she said.

"So it will be great to focus on one job and to do it well, as well as get my head back into the news game.

"It's an honour to be asked to return and I look forward to working with a team to tell the stories ABC audiences want to hear and need to know."

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