Screen Producers Australia
Posted on 2016 11 15 in News

Screen Producers Australia

Weave Films is delighted to be attending this year's Screen Producer's Australia Screen Forever Conference.

Held in Melbourne from November 15-17, Screen Forever is one of the largest congregations of screen industry professionals in the southern hemisphere.

It's considered Australia’s premier conference event for screen industry professionals.

This year marks Weave Films first time attending the conference. It's long overdue due to the fact dates have clashed in years past. 

SPA includes everyone from the "screen industry" - practitioners involved in producing, creating, writing, directing, distributing and financing screen content across film, television, games, interactive and online.

That means everyone from documentary filmmakers to comedians pitching a web series, interactive virtual reality writers and feature film directors. 

Weave Films thanks Screen Territory for support to go to this important event.