Title: Eastside Kriol - a short film in language about Covid-19/Coronavirus | Posted on 2020 03 31 in News

Telling the coronavirus story in Aboriginal languages

Weave Films has collaborated with the Northern Land Council and the Aboriginal Interpreter Service to deliver important messages about the coronavirus pandemic to Aboriginal communities in local languages.

The Coronavirus video is being distributed in 19 Aboriginal languages from groups across the Northern Territory in an effort to reach as many people as possible.

"The importance of this messaging has been with the team and I through the production, and driving us to work with determination to deliver quality, with the speed required to get the message out as soon as possible," director/producer Emma Masters said. 

"It's been a huge undertaking with a large number of different groupds working together.

"All the land councils have been behind the push and been involved in making this happen and getting the message right.

"As a filmmaker, we know the power of film to tell stories and I hope the videos are shared across social media by as many people as possible to get the word out."

While the Weave Films team usually films all content for their projects, it was an imperative they avoid travel into the communities at a time when residents are being asked to stay on country and when they must be protected from any potential threat.

"We'd made the decision not to travel to communities long before it became a government directive - and so we had to look to other media organsations to work with us to fill the gaps," Ms Masters said.

"In usual Territory spirit, the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association and NT ABC News didn't hesitate when we asked for help in finding footage that would connect to the video's audiences.

"And the cast, including Rob Collins, are also testament to the vibrant Territory community where people jumped to lend a hand, even at a moments notice as the production evolved.

Weave Films says there were a number of creative companies that also played a key role including Skinnyfish Music, Global Headquarters and Clothesline Content.

"Importantly, a special thanks to the core production team Sam Harriss (camera and edit) and Ella Rubeli (production and edit) who've worked tirelessly on the project," Emma said.

The videos have been distributed on the Northern Land Council's YouTube channel and through social media: