Weave Films on Vimeo
Posted on 2013 12 01 in News

Weave Films on Vimeo

A showcase of work by Weave Films' Emma Masters has been uploaded to Vimeo. 

Check it out:

The stories are just some examples of Emma's broadcast journalism work for ABC TV news and current affairs.

They also include two stories nominated as finalists for feature and current affairs in the NT Media Awards: 

  • "Seabed Mining: The Last Frontier" - an investigation into the issues around seabed mining and the debates that rage when mining, poential economic benefits and indigenous cultural beliefs come head to head. 
  • The "Rock Art" adventure - an exploration of the rediscovery of a rock art site in Arnhem Land and subsequent archaeological research and findings at the site. This exclusive story, which Emma broke in 2009, was the catalyst for the documentary "Spirits in the Stone", which Weave Films is now working to complete.