Virtual reality is the new black

Virtual reality is the new black

When I roamed the hallowed Tribeca Film Festival halls, jumping from one VR stall to another, I had a lightning bolt from the blue moment that Virtual Reality is going to become an intergral part of my storytelling.

Immersion - it's addictive for someone who seizes on stories because they want to their stories to make such an impact viewers/participants have mindblowing epiphanies. Placing people into a situation, into the shoes of someone else, is one way of doing really driving this vision and thus virutal reality had immediate appeal.

A special project I've been working on for many years immediately presented itself as one that lends itself to the medium - and so I have begun a journey to learning more about the medium - its opportunities, challenges and future.

Thus, when the opportunity to apply for a special VR workshop, run as a side event to the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC), presented itself - I didn't need any convincing.

VRTov ran a comprehensive workshop today, looking at all aspects of virutal reality, from its history through to the latest trends in its production as well as giving us insights from their own journey to create within the medium. We then spent a handwringing afternoon working in small groups to build our own story in the virtual world.

It was great meeting people from around Australia and to learn about their interest and involvement in the medium, as well as hear first hand the journey of the two VRTov producers in this new platform.

While gamers have been creating virutal worlds for decades, we filmmakers have got a lot of catching up to do - but it's hard not to get excited about what's on offer.